ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Skyrocket your productivity with instant access to ChatGPT


Side Chat

Use ChatGPT on every webpage

⌘ + k shortcut to open a side chat on every webpage. Huge prompt library to get you started. Instant access to ChatGPT on every webpage.


Summarize any webpage you're on

⌘ + B shortcut to summarize any webpage you're on. Don't want to read long articles? Just use the summarize feature to get key take aways and the gist of the article saving you time.

AI Quick Actions

Highlight and execute AI commands

Highlight any text and execute commands. Built in set of commands like summarize, translate, and more. You can also add your own commands and edit the existing ones.


Audio Transcriptions from every webpage

Quickly record audio and transcribe it into text from any webpage. Useful for quickly drafting replies to emails or making social media posts just using your voice.

AI Text Expander (Experimental)

AI generated content on your favorite websites.

Start any textfield with 'dash:' followed by a command and hit enter to generate AI generated content in any text box.

Easy to use Chrome Extension

No Context Switching

Interact with ChatGPT from every webpage. Chat, voice transciptions and AI quick actions available instantly.

Chat History

Your entire chat history is saved within the browser extension. Search with keywords and continue your chat.

Prompt Library

Large library of over a 100 prompts to choose from. Interact with ChatGPT in creative ways.

Shortcuts and Configurations

Shortcuts to open the extension and summarize webpages. Also Disable extension on select webpages.

Pricing Options

Free Trial


Give DashAI a try before purchasing a license.

Start Free Trial
  • All Features
  • Use your own OpenAI API Key
  • Only 20 ChatGPT interactions
  • No License Key required

One Time Payment

$17 $29

Price will increase after a limited time!

Buy Now
  • All Features
  • Use your own OpenAI API Key
  • Unlimited License Activations
  • All Future Updates
  • Unlimited usage

Source Code


Learn about the implementation and modify the code to your liking.

Buy Source Code
  • Full Source Code
  • Use however you like
  • Future updates not available


Just install the chrome extension and you can start using it right away. You will need an OpenAI api key and a license key which you can obtain after purchasing. We willl send you an email of the license key. There is also a free trial.

You can download the extension from here. You will need an Open AI API key in order to start using the extension.

There is a free trial and you can use the chrome extension with just your Open AI API Key. You can interact with ChatGPT 20 times before you will be prompted to purchase a license key.

There is no refund. Howver there is a free trial available and you can download the chrome extension and try the product before buying a license.

GPT4 access will soon be available. You will receive all future updates of the chrome extension with the purchase and once GPT4 is available you can update the extension via the chrome store.

Email us as for any bug reports, feature requests and feedback.

All data is stored within your browser and never on our servers. Take a look at the privacy policy and terms and conditions for more information.

Yes you can buy the source code from gumroad for $59. Use the code however you like. No support will be provided for code purchases, future updates will not be available and no refunds will be available.
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